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Before we get into how cool Irene is, you may have noticed that we have gone 2 months without having a featured athlete. This is for two reasons: 1, I can write a literary text on the person that I know as Irene "Rizz" Tenenbaum that rivals the character count of the Book of Jeremiah, or in this case, The First Book of Moses. 2, at the same time, I have an incredibly hard time condensing said literary text.

James (Jim!) Neyland

I (Matt) am envious of Jim. Let me explain. About a year and a half ago, Jim walked through the CFM doors and expressed interest in CrossFit. We set up a time to begin foundations and the 101 process began. 3 sessions in I realized that the only thing I was going to be helping Jim with was a bit of movement and mobility correction because he had everything else figured out. He already followed a Zone favorable diet, already knew that the only way to get better at anything was to consistently work at it, and already knew about what his limits were in terms of load and intensity. These are all things that I really wish I knew when I started exercising. Granted, Jim has a few years on me so he may have had some time to assimilate these practices, but I’m still envious. I also really like his weightlifting belt, so so cool.

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